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Businesses and Fund Raising


We really do...

Through trial, error, failure and success, we've come to realize that it takes not just getting the word out to your already loyal customers, but more importantly, to the customers that don't even know you business exists. More

Looking for a Money Tree

Plant the seeds of success for the future of your Community Organization or Personal Fundraising efforts for years to come. More

A few Business and Fundraising Affiliates

SiempreVi Services 

SiempreVi_Dis_Card_Ad.jpgStart Saving Today!

The SiempreVi Savings Card provides you and your pocketbook with great discounts and specials on products and services offered by many  businesses in our community.  It also serves as a nice VIP Pass to a variety of Entertainment Venues and SiempreVi Promoted Special Events... Get the Details

Ads & Promo

Advertising.jpgCan you see your business benefiting from a program that rewards already loyal customers,  provides more new customer awareness and lets you visibly track the return of monies spent on Ad dollars.  Not to mention, a program that also creates a residual earning advertising campaign. If this sounds interesting, you'll want more Details.

Fund Raising

fundraising2.jpgAre you a Community Organization or Private Endeavor that could benefit from a residual fund raising effort?  A unique fund raising program that requires no money up front, is just as valuable to customers and earns 50% commissions.  SiempreVi Promotions would like to help you realize your dreams.  Give us the opportunity to show you how.  Details


upcoming-events-2.jpgCheck out Monthly Specials and Daily Discounts offered by SiempreVi Savings Card Program Participants.  Also get details and ticket information on up coming events hosted by SiempreVi Promotion or it's participating Sponsor Members.  See what a privilege becoming a SiempreVi Savings Cardholder can be.    See Offers


What the world needs is more geniuses with humility, there are so few of us left.
—Oscar Levant


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